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Robert Esposito has been fascinated with numismatics and coin collecting since the 3rd grade where he began collecting and trading US coins with a friend. Today, he partners with Greg Halloway and Golden Art, LLC continuing his numismatic quest seeking and researching the world's rarest coins from the world's greatest empires. Such coins fall into the category of Investment Grade Gold (IGG) where they have provided him with safety and growth as well as tremendous enjoyment of a lifelong hobby.
He is a Senior Manager in the Silicon Valley and responsible for cyber security product management, research and development, and corporate strategic alliances. He is also owner and manager of Apparently, LLC, creator of APParently The Parent App helping parents build character and discipline in their children which will come available in mobile app stores later this year.

Robert has been married over 20 years and has 4 children. He has served his community in various non-denominational church ministries for many years including small groups, worship teams, youth camps, and church board of directors. Robert holds a BSIT from California Polytechnic State University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.