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  Election Unrestricted Warfare - June 12, 2017


Chris Graham enlisted in the U.S. Marines at age 17 and served as an ANGLICO and Force Recon Marine. He was a founding member of the USMC Anti-Terrorism Battalion; later served as an Intelligence Officer; and was honorably discharged from active duty with the rank of Captain. Mr. Graham participated in multiple deployments to Iraq serving as an advisor embedded in an Iraqi paramilitary unit and participated in the Battle of Fallujah as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller. Mr. Graham regularly deploys to Afghanistan and other "high-threat" locations as a civilian providing contracted tactical skills, training, and operational support to select U.S. Government agencies. He is the editor of The Counter Terrorist magazine; creator of "30-10 Training"; and author of the acclaimed new novel Election: Dezinformatsiya and The Great Game.

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