The Future of Real Estate

October 6, 2014

In many areas of the US residential real estate is down dramatically, and people are wondering if we have hit the bottom. In other areas it is climbing. Then there are those experts who are predicting a crash in commercial real estate that could be worse than the recent residential crash. So what should we do? Buy, sell, hold, or move to South America? As he usually does, Tom looks to history and to logic for answers to these questions in this very interesting Webinar. When this Webinar is over you will have a much better idea of how your portfolio should look in terms of real estate.
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Dr. Tom is a pastor, teacher, author, conference speaker and marketplace minister. He has been ordained for over 40 years, and has pastored in seven churches since then. Today he pastors pastors as he oversees ordained and licensed ministers in Southeast Florida for his ministerial fellowship. He speaks internationally concerning Biblical finance in churches, conferences, colleges and financial events. His passion is teaching, as you can see from this website, his business site ( and his patriotic site ( 
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