Common Core Part 1: Centralized Control

October 13, 2014

Common Core is the latest edition of education reform sweeping our Nation.  It affects not just public education but also private, Christian, and home education.  Everyone's lives will be affected whether you have children or not.  There are many sources of information about Common Core, but few of them address Common Core from a Biblical perspective.  In this session Dr. Marlene McMillan will take you to the core – the root – of Common Core.  She will explain what is unBiblical about Common Core and deal with issues most speakers are afraid to address. 
Why is it important to have everyone think alike, make decisions in the same way or talk the same Politically Correct way?  To raise citizens for the New World Order, they have to be processed in a certain way.  There is a method of teaching that makes students docile, compliant and unable to understand, let alone defend, liberty.  
As parental and local control of education diminishes, centralized national control of education increases.  Tests, college entrance exams and Advanced Placement curricula have all been changed to conform to the new Common Core standards.  This circumvents parental control, the teacher's ability to adjust content and methods to her individual student's needs and control by locally-elected school boards in favor of a patented methodology mandated from afar.  In Part 1 we will deal with the principles of education, the magnitude of influence that curriculum writers have over the future of a nation and why you must be informed to have a chance at changing anything
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Dr. Marlene McMillan's main areas of teaching include Law, Government, History, Economics and Education. All areas of culture are tied together and what you learn about language and economics also applies to your other pursuits and every area of your life. She is a master at explaining why the way the masses are conditioned to talk affects your finances.
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