Trump Hints at a Return to the Gold Standard

November 13, 2017

Since FDR illegally took the U.S. off the Gold Standard by Executive Order, most presidents have been afraid to even discuss the subject. They either ridicule the idea, or point to the fact that the U.S. has

printed so many tens of Trillions of dollars that there wouldn't be enough Gold to cover it. President Trump is the first president in over a century to seriously entertain the idea of a return to the Standard which made our nation prosperous. Since I saw an article in Forbes on this subject, my mind has been spinning with the possibilities.
The thing is, Trump likes Gold. That just makes sense. He likes things that are real and truthful. And Gold is the only real, true money the U.S. has ever had. Don't get me wrong. He hasn't announced a return to real, Constitutional money yet. But if you listen, you can see the direction his thinking is going. There would be many hurdles to overcome, and many Socialists, Democrats and Communists to vanquish on the road to sound money. But can you think of any other man who would have the vision, the boldness, and plain old guts to make such a patriotic move? Certainly none of our recent presidents had such courage. If anyone can stop our nation's slide toward financial ruin caused by our massive debt, it will be Donald J. Trump. We will discuss whether a return to the Gold Standard would be the best way to do that - or whether it is even possible.
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