British Coins that Honor Our Fallen Heroes and Veterans

January 21, 2019

Dr. Tom will discuss the history of World War I as told in beautiful Gold coins. The Royal Mint has never before produced a set series of which there are only 25 sets produced. The closest was a set of 100 which sold out almost immediately. One thing that makes these sets so unusual is that they contain SIX of the 5 Pound coins - the largest regularly issued Gold coin the Mint has ever produced. (Most Proof sets have four smaller coins; a few have five.) 

This set commemorates World War I and honors our veterans. WWI collectibles of all types are in great demand. As you know, rarity is the most important contributor to large increases, but popularity helps push prices up, as well. With only 25 sets produced in 2017, for instance, the upside potential is almost unlimited. It also marks the first time the Royal Mint has honored another nation in this way. Their commemoratives have traditionally focused on British heroes, British events and great British battles.   

So why did the Mint decide to honor the United States with this most important Proof Set? Great Britain had been fighting the Axis powers for three years before the U.S. joined the war effort, and had given so much to the free world with her own efforts. Perhaps it is because if the United States had stayed on the sidelines, the outcome of WWI would have been tragically different. Come learn about these unbelievably Rare British Proof Sets and other WWI Commemoratives.
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