Elections, Political Upheaval & New Economics Create Uncertainty

January 28, 2019

Elections, Political Upheaval & New Economics Create Uncertainty
  • World markets are based far more on perception than they are on reality
  • Pres. Trump’s aggressive tariff & trade practices has changed everything
  • There are many things going on which have shattered the norms
  • Elections are weakening the control of mainstream parties & globalists
  • Central banks are raising rates and beginning to unwind and/or slow their asset purchases
  • Immigration & Nationalism are dividing the EU & other nations
  • The Brexit plan negotiated by PM  May has been verbally rejected by both Conservative & Liberal parties and May has survived one no confidence vote, but will probably be resigning soon
This presentation will recap 2018, and based on how world affairs global markets finished, will take a look at the stage which has been set for 2019.  In order to understand the times, we have to discern the political landscape, global markets, devise a plan, so as to be prepared and positioned strategically for such a time as this.
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Fulton Sheen was twice elected county treasurer in Allegan County Michigan, and served 3 terms as a Michigan State Representative. He owned and operated a financial advisory and investment firm, Sheen Financial, for over 20 years. Fulton is the director of Isaiah 58:12, a faith based disaster relief and preparedness group. In addition to assisting in disasters, he and his team have trained over 1,500 volunteers to work with first responders in Search & Rescue, First-aid & Triage and terrorist mitigation. Currently he heads the management of operations and customer service at River East Financial, a New Zealand Financial Institution. Fulton & his wife Cheryl also own operate F&C Enterprises which connects and assists people in the purchase of tangible assets such as precious metals, bulk food and other commodity based purchases. Fulton speaks nationally and internationally on economic and financial issues; including world markets the sovereign debt crisis, and alternative financial structures.