Rare Coins Tax Benefits

June 7, 2020

With the current economic turmoil at hand, folks are bewildered and seeking advice on how to protect their wealth and they have come to me as they know that I am a rare coin investor and part of the Golden Art network of investors, dealers, brokers, and sellers. Lately, tactical questions have been asked regarding the buying and selling of rare coins and bullion as well as the potential tax implications when buying and selling and holding rare coins for a future sell date. This presentation discusses the following to provide guidance and consideration in your investment strategy.

·         What is the difference between rare coins and bullion?   
·         Why buy bullion?   
·         Why buy rare coins?   
·         What are the tax advantages of rare coins vs bullion?   
·         When sold, how are rare coins taxed?  
·         Appraisals   
·         Selling strategies
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Robert Esposito is a cyber security professional for over 20 years working in the Silicon Valley and is currently a Client Solutions Advisor and Architect for Optiv Security, Inc., a $2.5 Billion global cyber security solutions and services provider. He has been a part of the Christian Financial Concepts and Golden Art family for over a decade, is married 27 years, and has 4 children - 2 boys and 2 girls.