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  Janine Turner on the Constitution - September 26, 2016


Janine Turner, actress, activist, co-founder of Constituting America with Cathy Gillespie, is best known for her Emmy & Golden Globe nominated role as Maggie O’Connell on Northern Exposure, People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” and Esquire Magazine’s “Women We Love”.  Janine launched an award winning radio show, The Janine Turner Show, and authored 85 essays on the Federalist.  He opinion editorials are published at the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, and as a column at PJ Media.  Her mission is to educate America’s youth and citizens about the importance of the nonpartisan U.S. Constitution.  She utilizes her Hollywoood experience to encourage kids to write and direct short films, public service announcements and hit songs about how the founding document protects liberty. 

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