We provide two free live financial education Webinars each week. These cover a wide variety of topics ranging from Biblical wisdom on money to practical knowledge on saving and investing.

I am addicted to your Webinars!
Brian (Economist, US)
Dear Pastor Barrett, Thanks so much for all your Webinar recordings. There are so many, I am spoilt for choice! It is such a blessing to have all this valuable information at the click of the mouse.
Soo Hung (Malaysia)
I want you to know that I really appreciate the continuing education that you provide. Most of us really need that kind of encouragement and knowledge. Thank you for your interest, expertise, experience, love and support.
John (United Kingdom)
Thanks Tom for a great word.
Sam (Retired US General)
I want to thank you for reminding us at your Seminar that there is a third part of our salvation; that we are saved from the curse of poverty in addition to being saved from our sins and saved in our bodies through healing.
Michael (Pastor)
I met you last year when I attended the Kingdom Economic Summit at Morningstar Ministries in South Carolina. Your class was by far the best one I attended. I learned so much about investing in gold and all areas of finance and economics.
Dottie (Bible teacher)
Thanks so much for the Webinars, Tom. They’re a wealth of information!!
Robert (Bulgaria)
Your live Seminars are always so informative, and I come away with tons of knowledge.
Karen (California)
Thanks so much, Tom. I appreciate all of the support! As a non-professional, but serious investor, I have to say that I have benefited greatly from your Webinars over the last three years. They have brought me a depth and breadth of investment knowledge and know-how that I would have great difficulty in accessing on my own.
Herb (Engineer)
Thanks Tom for the very encouraging word. I just want to thank you for all you’re doing for the body of Christ and his Kingdom.
Annie (Missionary)
Christian Financial Concepts should be “must listening” for anyone needing accurate and unbiased analyses of current events, with an eye toward wise planning for the future in an increasingly rocky and unstable economic, political, and social environment.
Dr. Erik (Pastor and Business Owner)
Dear Tom, I would like to let you know how much I appreciate your Webinars. Though I am not able to listen to them live on Monday and Tuesday evenings I do listen to the recordings at other times and am very thankful to have such an incredible resource of wisdom and help.
Frances (England)