The Key to Creating Wealth

June 16, 2014

Note from Dr. Tom: This will not be a "Think and Grow Rich" type of presentation. Greg is a minister who has studied the Word extensively. The ideas he will share on Monday are all Scriptural, and are, in fact, taken right from the the Bible.
Prosperous thinking is the key to creating wealth.  The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is not positioning, opportunity, assets, education or luck.  It is the way they think. For centuries people have come to America seeking opportunity with no money, no contacts, no understanding of the language, in short, no advantages. Yet the stories of success and prosperity are never ending.  Many have a hard time telling their stories, because after years of hard work and significant success, they still don't have a good grasp of the language! Yet many Americans complain that they can't make it because they have too many disadvantages. Could there be spiritual dynamics at work that hinder people's thinking, causing them to give up too soon; fail to begin at all; or have too small a vision? Is there a "poverty spirit" that hinders prosperity, even in people that have a lot of resources?
In Phillipians 4:11-13, Paul speaks of being neither fearful of having little, nor anxious to pursue wealth, but being happy with either. He was not controlled by, nor afraid of either. We'll explore both Scriptural and practical ways to remove the spiritual and mental hindrances we all face in our business, investing and working lives, so we can see the breakthroughs we need.
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