The Mystery of Gold's Wild Price Action Revealed

June 2, 2014

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Scott Shofner is a student of American and World History. Over the last ten years he has served as the Director of Secure Leverage Group Fx Inc., a Forex-based Hedge fund in Belize and Grand Cayman with greater than average hedge fund returns. The fund specializes in high speed algorithmic Fx trading and Commodity trading via highly sophisticated Fx based probability software and strategic risk management trading platforms.
He is also the Director of Secure Leverage Group Inc. Concierge Medical Tourism development & marketing company. SLG Inc. is a Surgery Center Developer in the Caribbean and Central and South America. The company develops concierge medicine surgery center facilities located in offshore 5 star resorts utilizing “only” US trained top-tier physicians and surgeons. SLG Inc. Surgery Centers specialize in orthopedic surgery, Cancer Treatment and Plastic Surgery for VIP clients from all over the globe.
SLG inc. is presently developing 10 new surgery centers in the Caribbean, Central and South America.
For the prior 29 years, Scott was President of Scott Shofner & Associates, a Marketing & Advertising Consulting company serving Fortune 50 companies.
Executive career began in the Advertising and Marketing business in 1977. He focused on Corporate Marketing and Advertising Communication tools for large corporate clients, including The Home Depot based in Atlanta Georgia and Philips Corporation based in the US and the Netherlands.