Economics is Inherently Religious, Part 1

August 11, 2014

National Economic policy is determined by the religious premises of the lawmakers & policy wonks setting the rules. You will learn that there is no such thing as religious neutrality even in economics and that since every law has a religious base it is time to look to the roots of economic policy and not just its fruit. We will discuss how Social Engineers want to condition us for a redistributive one-world-government future and how the language we accept as normal becomes the economic policy of our future. The connection between Language and Economics is inseparable. People who speak Liberty are prosperous and people who speak entitlement and redistribution are poor or on the road to poverty. The language of class warfare is the language of Marxism.
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Dr. Marlene McMillan's main areas of teaching include Law, Government, History, Economics and Education. All areas of culture are tied together and what you learn about language and economics also applies to your other pursuits and every area of your life. She is a master at explaining why the way the masses are conditioned to talk affects your finances.
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