Four Keys to Hearing God's Voice

September 8, 2014

You are invited to listen in as Rev. Mark Virkler, Ph.D., president of Christian Leadership University, offers an insightful and entertaining introduction to the method he has been teaching worldwide for the last 30 years. This method will allow anyone (yes, even you!) to quickly develop a conversational relationship with Jesus Christ.
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Dr. Mark Virkler serves the Lord as a leader in several areas including education, Christian spirituality, natural approaches to health care, and business. Mark has written over 50 books and developed three networks of church-centered Bible schools, involving more than 150 affiliate campuses. He has traveled worldwide since 1984 teaching Christian spirituality through his Communion With God seminar. Mark has founded and pastored a church, as well as worked in a variety of other pastoral roles from 1968 to the present. Mark is President of Communion With God Ministries, and he demonstrates entrepreneurial leadership through his various businesses, whose profits go to help fund worthy causes. Mark and his wife Patti homeschooled their children.

As president of Christian Leadership University, Mark seeks to disciple others into leadership roles.
You can contact him via email at and view his speaking itinerary at