Economics is Inherently Religious, Part 3

September 29, 2014

Economics is a very spiritual topic. Money is practical. This Monday night will connect the dots between our hearts and our pocketbooks. Every economic policy or law has a religious foundation; yet we usually view money as a "secular" topic. Since the word secular means "leaving God out," that means that attempting to develop a secular view of money is trying to separate God from money. If you don't understand how money is inherently religious then this will be a great teaching for you, as it will challenge you to examine your own worldview and how you make decisions about every area of life, especially financial decisions. If you believe money is inherently religious, you will learn how your financial decisions demonstrate who is lord of your life. You will also discover wording that will help you explain to others why you handle your finances in a way that you believe brings glory to God and honors Him, as well as putting yourself in a position that God can bless first spiritually and then financially.
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Dr. Marlene McMillan's main areas of teaching include Law, Government, History, Economics and Education. All areas of culture are tied together and what you learn about language and economics also applies to your other pursuits and every area of your life. She is a master at explaining why the way the masses are conditioned to talk affects your finances.
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