The Coins of Edward III

September 30, 2014

Shields, crosses, and crowns have been symbols of protection, royalty, and faith for centuries. They represent the empires and family heritages of their time and first appear on the great golden treasures of Great Britain during the reign of King Edward III in the 14th century. Edward III is considered a game changer in the world of numismatics. His coins excelled in size and beauty and far exceeded his predecessors in detail and design. They contained Bible verses affirming his faith and the faith of the nation. He produced two of Robert's favorite coins, the Double Florin and the Noble. He also inspired the future great kings Edward IV and Henry VIII to use variations of shields, crowns and crosses on their coins. This presentation takes a look into the gold coins of King Edward III, his passion for excellence as represented by his coins, the symbols used, and the statements made during his reign. 
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