Christian Citizenship Part 1: Voting as an Act of Stewardship

October 20, 2014

A biblical worldview encompasses all of life. It informs our actions in every sphere. This includes the realm of our national, state and community “civic life”. There are key principles about the nature of civil government and the kind of people that we put in public office that need to be understood.  In a nation such as ours, where the principles of liberty and freedom that are enshrined in our political documents are based on biblical ideas, Christians have a particular responsibility to be a “steward” of their vote. This is hugely important and not to be taken lightly. Only through understanding the proper role of civil government and the need to put people of character in office will our Republic survive.  People of faith are called to play a leading role in seeing that happen. This webinar will explore that and more...
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Craig Seibert is a web seminar trainer and has been a student of history and founding documents for the last 20 years. He has taught these principles to tens of thousands in person and over the Internet. 
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