Common Core, Part 2: It Costs Too Much

November 10, 2014

Did you know Common Core has more to do with money than with education? Education in the United States has been taken over by monopolistic elitists who are positioning themselves to have disproportional influence. You have heard the maxim: Follow the money. If you follow the money with Common Core and apply the immutable principles that "He who pays controls" and "Control follows money," you will see that control comes from the one who pays. The control is not in the hands of the one who sends their child, the student himself, the teacher, the local school board or the State Board of Education.

The power of money is being used to control the whole process of education from the federal level all the way to your neighborhood school, your private Christian school and even your homeschool curricula. Sound far fetched? Sound impossible to believe? Then tune in to this webinar with Dr. Marlene McMillan to hear the truth - and the proof.
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Dr. Marlene McMillan's main areas of teaching include Law, Government, History, Economics and Education. All areas of culture are tied together and what you learn about language and economics also applies to your other pursuits and every area of your life. She is a master at explaining why the way the masses are conditioned to talk affects your finances.
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