The State of Banking in America

December 1, 2014

What's next? The National Debt is almost at $18 Trillion. Hundreds of banks have failed. Large banks are swallowing smaller banks on almost a daily basis. The government has introduced "stress tests" to determine which banks are safe - but they won't share the results with the public. We need answers!

Here’s what you will learn from Mark…
· Where is banking in America today?
· Measuring our economy by looking at banking statistics.
· Is all the bank regulation safe guarding our money?
· How to choose a bank and be prepared for the next crisis.
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Mark Gurley is the great-great grandson of Dr. Phineas Gurley, the pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC, where he was President Abraham Lincoln’s pastor, spiritual advisor and friend. Mark will be discussing the parallels in history of ending the Civil War to today's polarizing issues, including class warfare, racism, abortion and the government robbing us of our liberties and freedom. Mark is a financial advisor and recognizes that without liberty and freedom we will not have much safety or security in our families, communities, churches or investments. America is the only nation dedicated to God and Jesus Christ.  None of our economic, education, or government problems can be solved without returning to the spiritual roots on which our nation was founded. Mark will bring a clear trumpet that provokes, prepares, purifies, pierces and inspires.