What Could Christian Healthcare Look Like

March 13, 2017

Healthcare has been at the center of the national debate for most of the past eight years. And it looks as if everything is about to change all over again. In this webinar we will examine how we got to where we are; what some of the likely changes to come may be; and what could it look like for a Biblically faithful model of health care economics to emerge to lead our country into a caring, compassionate and Christ-centered healthcare model.
Dr. Tony Dale trained at the world renowned St. Bartholomews Hospital in London, England. Hisinterest in medical economics began when he needed knee surgery in 1996.  From his personal experience of the inconsistencies and staggering cost of the system, Tony determined to find a way to help people find better access to quality and affordable care. For the past five years Dr. Dale has done research on how to bring to market a true alternative to health insurance.  Sedera Health is the end result, based on three guiding principles:
o   Christ-centered
o   Community focused
o   Consumer driven
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