Could Our Liberty be at Risk - Even with Conservatives in Power

March 27, 2017

Could liberty be at risk, even with Conservatives controlling most of government? At a time of great change, there is also great vulnerability. The labels Liberal and Conservative, while artificial, are the only frame of reference through which some people operate. When Liberals are in power, Conservatives wake up. And when Conservatives are in power, Conservatives sleep. Obviously, the reverse is also true. aT This time, we have a well-meaning populist who is disruptive and unconventional. His detractors are vehement in their opposition of his agenda that operates from the premise of objective reality. Generations conditioned to base their worldview on relativism cannot fathom the idea that we have someone in power who actually believes that some things are right and others wrong. The planned protests and constant media harangue can cause those who don’t understand Social Engineering to doubt. This is a concerted effort, not just against the President, but against everyone who speaks an is/not language instead of an anything goes, do what feels good language. God turns the heart of the king according to the humility and repentance level of the masses. With many of the masses in rebellion to God and His laws, this means that those who understand the immutable laws of the universe carry even more responsibility than ever before. 

If you would like to know how you can really secure Liberty for many future generations, instead of just having a few years of temporary financial prosperity, then you will want to tune in to hear Dr. Marlene talk about, not just the future of the United States, but how these uncertain times will impact the world. She might surprise you with this one.  She will definitely make you think. Dr. Marlene is a homeschool pioneer, mother of seven, author and international speaker known as an expert on the Principles of Liberty.
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