Hardened Structures, the Ultimate in Asset Protection

April 10, 2017

Most people have a life insurance policy, home insurance, car insurance, and other types of insurance.  But do you have an insurance that protects your most important asset, your family? Do you have a Survival Plan in case of major emergencies? Have you considered the various threat scenarios that could impact your family? (Some of these are national; some may be regional in nature. For instance, don't plan for blizzards in Florida, and don't worry about hurricanes in Colorado.) 

The bottom line is that most Christians don't think about, much less plan for, major threats to their family's existence. This is probably because we have faith - we are positive by nature. But the Bible tells us that we need to plan and prepare. Join us Monday to hear an expert share some things you can do to protect your family that you may have never considered.
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