Leaving a Legacy for Future Generations

August 14, 2017

What do you think of when you hear or read the word legacy? Are you reminded of the legacy you are leaving behind? Have you given much thought to the legacy you will leave behind? I don't mean only financial legacy or other gifts that may be passed on after you leave this earth. There is much more to the subject of legacy that I would like to talk about when we meet. Join us for an informative conversation - one that I hope will help you pose questions to yourself even as you begin to search for answers.

Even if you have done some planning for the legacy you will leave behind, I hope that you will join us to discover some other aspects that you may not have considered before now. The realm of legacy can be as vast or as broad as you can imagine. Don't leave your legacy to "happenstance" … meaning whatever stance things are in when you happen to pass from this life. This webinar will challenge you to look beyond yourself and beyond the next generation. You can have an impact on your future generations!"
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