Jurisdictional Jousting

October 9, 2017

What is the “silver bullet” – The One Thing that will guarantee either that you win or, by its absence, that you lose in the end when it really counts? It is Jurisdiction. Whether we're dealing with government & law, money & banking, family education, health, media or the arts, we have a choice of jurisdictions. Knowing that, and then knowing where to look and how to choose is worth...well, it's worth everything.

Ben Graydon is a believer in Jesus Christ as Savior, an ambassador for God, and in pursuit of God's Kingdom here on earth. A full-time husband and father, Ben  has  served as a school teacher and principal, a law enforcement officer, a newspaper writer, business owner and public speaker. He has a bachelor's degree in history and a master of public administration degree, and he has spoken from many stages internationally on a variety of "freedom" topics, most often in encouraging parents to take on personally their most awesome responsibility: that of educating their own children.
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