Reversing Political Correctness

April 9, 2018

The Culture War is a war of words.  It is really a conflict of worldviews. There is an awakening sweeping across the United States and the world.  The politically-correct police have been exposed for thinking they control what people believe and have the right to force their worldview on everyone else.  The time has come to reverse Political Correctness. PC is used by social engineers to control the speech, and thus, the thinking of the masses.  When you recognize PC for what it is, understand the steps of the Dialectic Process, and stop using doublespeak yourself, you have done more to support the Constitution and Liberty than you can imagine.
If you have felt hopeless in the past, that there is nothing one person can do to stop the assault on the values that build a culture, you will find Dr. Marlene’s presentation encouraging and hopeful. Everyone has a sphere of influence, and once you decide to stop speaking PC, you influence everyone around you.
If you have heard Dr. Marlene before, you know that while you might not agree with her, she will always make you think.  She is a homeschool pioneer, mother of seven, author and international speaker known as an expert on the Principles of Liberty.
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Dr. Marlene McMillan's main areas of teaching include Law, Government, History, Economics and Education. All areas of culture are tied together and what you learn about language and economics also applies to your other pursuits and every area of your life. She is a master at explaining why the way the masses are conditioned to talk affects your finances.
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