The Sovereign, Part 3

April 15, 2018

The Sovereign is the only coin in the world to be named after the King. Since about the year 1250, the title of Sovereign has been used to define the King of England. Therefore when King Henry VII in 1489 decided that a new regal coinage be created for England, he decreed that it be named the Sovereign, in his honor.

The Sovereign coin has now gone on to take its own place of prestige in the world of numismatics. It is indeed a leader of all rare coins due to its prestige and longevity. This new series of Golden Art will take you through the history, significance, and extraordinary value opportunity of the Sovereign coin. It is perhaps the greatest rare coin in the world for the money.

It is incredibly undervalued and it is Golden Art’s strong belief that it has nowhere to go but up. In Part 3, we will be explaining what makes Sovereigns valuable.
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