Biblical Entrepreneurship

July 23, 2018

Walt will present "The Four Pillars of Indestructible Success" that are necessary to develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset.
God gives us the "Power to Obtain Wealth" (Deuteronomy 8:18.)
Biblical Entrepreneurship teaches how to use that Power!
The Solution? Develop a Home-Based Business that gives us Personal Freedom and Control of Our Lives!

The Result:
1. Ends giving control over to lenders and employers
2. Makes us "Good Stewards" 
3. Keeps us ahead of Inflation
4. Avoids Stress
5. Allows the Divine Spark of Hope and Dreams to grow in our hearts
6. Allows us to incorporate our Faith in our day-to-day business operations 

In this Webinar, Walt will discuss the Proven Steps to Home Business Success.
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