Combining Three Top Trading Indicators for Todays Stock Market

October 8, 2018

Stock Indexes, ETF's, Stocks and Commodities have unique indicators that most traders don't use. Advance Decline or breadth indicators, Consensus Reports like the CFTC COT data and Relative Strength are just some of the examples that we will discuss how to you can learn to use immediately in order to gain an edge in your trading. Join us for this unique webinar as John Person shares how to organize the tools to help you better organize your thought process in selecting better trading. 

John Person is a 38-year veteran trader and developer of several top-ranked trading tools like Persons Pivots, the PPS momentum Indicator and the PMC Relative Strength Tool found on TD Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim platform opportunities. He specializes in developing algorithmic trading systems for retail and institutional clients.

John has written several internationally popular books that target trading futures, ETF's stocks and options. His trading systems and indicators are used on multiple trading platforms worldwide. John is a consultant for the industries top financial institutions and a  featured speaker for various organizations around the world including AATA, IFTA and the MTA. He is currently an elected member in good standing of The American Association of Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA).
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