The Constitution Party Could Save America

October 22, 2018

Frank Caprio is the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Orange County. Ron Valdivia is the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Florida. Together they will present the largest political party after the Republicans and the Democrats. The Constitution Party is the only U.S. political Party that lives up to its name.

Frank says, "I am an avid supporter and educator of our founding principles. I understand the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and why it is important. I understand the purpose of the Constitution and what it says. Ron and I will be talking about a political party that embraces these documents and the ideals they espouse."

Dr. Tom says, "If you are a Republican or a Democrat you might not like everything you hear. But you will definitely learn a lot about the Constitution. And you will see that the monopoly of the two big parties is not as complete as you might have thought. There IS a viable third party that could challenge the current monopoly - and save the nation in the process. Don't miss this one."
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