There is No Future in CryptoCurrencies or the Blockchain - When...

January 15, 2019

My title is a bit "tongue in cheek." There is so much talk about CryptoCurrencies and the Blockchain everywhere you go. Some say it's a big scam and it will fall apart at any moment. Investors will lose every penny. Others says it is the future of the world economy and if you don't hurry and get on board you will be left behind. Every business will have to be on the blockchain or it will fail.

As usual, the truth is somewhere in between. Obviously it's not a flash in the pan destined to disappear in a few months. It's already been around for ten years. Bitcoin has gone from 30 cents in 2009 to over $4,000 in 2019 - with lots of mountains and valleys in between. But neither is it the answer to every business problem in the world. It will certainly make commerce easier. It will make transferring money faster and cheaper. And it will make commercial transactions more transparent and build trust. And, yes, a lot of people will make a lot of money by investing in CryptoCurrencies or getting involved in blockchain businesses.

But what excites me is the way it will revolutionize the world economy, with unexpected consequences for good. I will show you how these new technologies will make voting more honest and transparent; how they will help topple dictators; and - most important - how they will help lift billions out of poverty. You may say, "If Tom believes all that, he is just way too much of an optimist." I am an optimist. But I have also pragmatically examined the trends and carefully studied the projections of people much smarter than I. I believe what you hear Monday will leave you as excited about the revolutionary power of CryptoCurrencies and the Blockchain as I am.
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