The One Thing You Gotta’ Do and Do Now!

March 25, 2019

In 2019, there are many things you may want do and maybe will do, but there is One Thing you’ve got to do! This isn’t new to you…you've thought about it for long time…you've tried many times! Some reason you've lost focus, lost discipline or just never completed it.

A habit you need to break…A goal you must accomplish…A project you must complete…A relationship you must restore…A relationship you must end…A debt you must retire…a life or city you must transform.

The truth is until you do the one matter that matters, you will be inefficient. The lack of efficiency is the number one killer of a future just waiting for you to discover it.

You have no idea what hangs in the balance if you don’t finish the One Thing this year! God has put one thing on your heart for a reason…it matters! Discover the principle that allowed a leader to do something in fifty-two days that others had looked at for seventy years.

Elevate your confidence and competence. Listen this week and discover the power of dealing with the matter that really matters. Note: Everyone in our audience attendance will have a different matter.  
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