Creating Your Future

March 11, 2019

Many say today the world is in chaos. To escape the chaos one needs to create their own future. The key to creating your future is doing what has never been done before, but in a proven way. It is my experience we each can create our own future. In our time together I will primarily deal with the proven way part of the formula for creating your future. One of the biggest surprises I’ve witnessed in partnering with businesses is the positive affect cash flow awareness, knowledge, understanding and interpretation will have on a business as well as one’s personal finances. I know for many the term cash flow is possibly a turn off. What images come to mind when you hear or read the term cash flow? If you are like most business owners and professionals it is not a positive, friendly image. You want to take your dream and help change the world. In my experience the ability to understand and interpret cash flow can enable you to Create Your Future and it is the “proven way” part of the formula.

Through a project in elementary school, I discovered I had financial leadership abilities leading to a calling for a life-long career partnering with business owners and being a business advocate to help wear the “financial hat” in their businesses. An “aha” moment in my career occurred at the age of 22, as a first-year business loan officer.  I assisted a well-established business owner and customer solving his problem by really digging into his business to learn and understand him and his business. Comments by the business owner helped me realize that this method of operating was the real way to connect with and serve business owners in my field.
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