How and Why Nations Fall

November 2, 2020

We live in shocking times. Many people are asking how and why as a nation we have lost our core values, an appreciation of truth and good character, and what can we do about it. What is the future of a nation full of people with what the Bible calls a depraved mind? Where is all of this taking us?
Here's what you with get revelation and wisdom about:
·         Learn how nations fall and how to help our nation from falling.
·         Learn the seven steps to a depraved mindset.
·         Learn to discern which of these steps a nation is at currently.
·         Learn why language is imperative.
·         What does violence and chaos have in the fall of a nation?
·         Learn the characteristics of a depraved mind and how to deal with it.
·         Become enlightened to ‘Nimrodian’ Groupthink.
·         Learn why it’s almost impossible to communicate to a culture of people with depraved minds.
·         Learn what RMN is, and how it affects you and your family.  
With a crucial election just days away, you need to hear the wisdom this man of God has to share with us about taking back our nation from the forces of darkness.
Dr. Ed Delph has been responding to God’s call to the church, community and to the nations for nearly 40 years. Since 1980, he has pastored three different churches in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  He is a noted author of ten books, weekly columnist in several local and worldwide newspapers, teacher, business owner and speaker. Ed has traveled extensively and been in or ministered in over one hundred countries. He is a proven leader inside and outside of the church. He earned his Doctor of Ministry in Faith and Culture from Primus University in 2004.
He is the president of a worldwide ministry, NationStrategy, a nonprofit organization, involved in community and societal transformation and uplifting. Ed is known as a ‘Thought Leader’ and a ‘Solutionary’ both inside and outside of the church who brings vision and strategy, and empowers leaders in the church, business, government, education, and media to transform entire communities. This is being done through presentation awareness, teaching, coaching, and mentoring. NationStrategy is a resource ministry for other ministries. 
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