JAILBREAK: Getting Your Money Out of Prison, Part 1

May 2, 2021

Many Americans have three problems regarding the majority of their assets:
1. They are locked up in various plans that the owners don't know how to access.
2. The great majority of those plans are earning less than the rate of inflation, so they are in reality losing money.
3. The owners could make much better returns on their assets if they had control of them.
4. The managers of those plans often make it very difficult for the owners to gain control of their own money, because they want to continue making their lucrative commissions. 
5. Fear of tax consequences keep many from taking any action, even though with the large tax increases promised by the current administration, they could save a significant amount of money by acting now.
6. Finally, everyone knows that the taxes will have to be paid either now or in the future. But few are aware of a strategy that could reduce or even eliminate the actual out of pocket taxes on the monies withdrawn.
In this two part series we will discuss the reasons why it is wise to get your money out of control of others who don't have your best interests at heart. And we will share how you can accomplish this at the least cost and with the least resistance and interference from the people who currently control your money and how it is invested.
Almost all of your retirement assets are currently invested in the stock market, often without your knowledge. Your pension, your IRA, your 401k (and similar plans) - all are invested in stocks at a time when the stock market is more dangerous than any time since 2008. Financial planners tell their clients that they are diversified, because part of their assets are invested in cash value life insurance or in insurance company annuities. They fail to tell them that the insurance companies invest almost all those funds in the casino of the stock market. When the stock market crashes (as it always does), ALL your assets will suffer losses that could range from 30% to 60%.
Advisors tell their clients not to invest in the safest way, in hard assets - even though many of them invest in the very assets they advise against. The reason for this conflict of interest is that the advisors can only make commissions on paper assets that will evaporate in a crash. They can't make money on the hard assets that many of them use to protect their own portfolios, so they they tell you that the safest investments in the world are dangerous. Join us for this webinar and learn the truth about how huge companies prevent you from controlling your own investments, and how you can get them out of prison.
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