How Will the U.S. Return to the Gold Standard

May 24, 2021

Most experts on the Gold Standard believe the United States will at some time return to the Gold Standard. Liberals scoff at the idea, calling Gold a "barbaric relic." "Gold doesn't pay interest," they say. They conveniently ignore the fact that the only other hard asset, land, doesn't pay interest either, but they all own it. "Gold is too difficult to exchange, they say." Yet somehow the world managed to survive for six thousand years with Gold as the primary means of exchange. And the U.S. prospered for 157 years with Gold money, during which time there was essentially no inflation or deflation. But since 1933 when FDR single-handedly remove the nation from the Gold Standard, we have been plagued with inflation, deflation, stagflation, recessions, and monetary crises too numerous to list.

Meanwhile, China is buying tons of Gold and has expressed its intention of backing its currency with Gold. If they accomplish this, the Chinese Renminbi (commonly know as the Yuan) will replace the U.S. Dollar as the World Reserve Currency (WRC). This would be disastrous for the American economy. We have to beat the Chinese to this goal. But do our politicians understand this? And if they do, do they have the courage to put their political ambitions aside and act in the best interests of the nation they have pledged to serve?

The U.S. will return to the Gold Standard, because it is the God Standard. God gave us Gold and silver as a blessing, because they prevent the politicians and bankers from manipulating the Dollar for their own advantage. The question is not WILL the U.S. go back to the Gold Standard, but HOW. Will we return to the only money God ever made voluntarily, or will we be dragged kicking and screaming to it after a crash of the Dollar?
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